Mr & Mrs Bellamy

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.

We had the pleasure to spend the day with Kailey and Jesse as they welcomed family and friends to witness and take part in their wedding day at Fire Rock Golf Course in Komoka, Ontario.

The day was stunning just like the event itself, you couldn’t ask for a better day weather wise.

We would like to thank everyone for inviting us to capture this special occasion and wish the absolute very best to Kailey and Jesse as they start a new chapter in their love story.

Here is a small sample of some of the images captured on their special day.

These images can be downloaded in High Quality by clicking on the link Wedding Photos

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May I introduce, Mr & Mrs Welch.

If you’re afraid of falling, then don’t look down
But we took the step, and we took the leap
And we’ll take what comes, take what comes

On Saturday June 17th, two became one as Lucia Labonte and James Welch celebrated their union together at Von Doeler’s Ranch in Rutherglen, Ontario.

Nature tried to toss them a curve ball but they weren’t phased by the heavy rain, rather they joked about it and turned it into a positive.

Randi and myself were lucky enough to witness the strong bond between the two families as they united. We know this bond will only continue to strengthen as the years pass.

Here’s a small preview from their special day, for us to share with all of you, I will be working hard at getting these memories completed for they can look back at them whenever they please.

The preview images are free to download in High Quality at Preview Photos Download


Spring Time

  • “Essentially what photography is is life lit up.”
    Sam Abell

It’s Spring in Ontario, finally. Winter was a dull rainy slow season for photography, I had a few images here and there I liked but for the most part I’d rather skip those 4 months.


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Christmas Spirit

Good afternoon everyone, while we all hustle to get things done, I’d like to take the chance to offer up a little festive spirit.

I’m giving away a $100 Gift certificate which can be used for shoots or for prints, it’s up to the winner.

What does on have to do to enter? There’s two options.

  1. Go to my Facebook page, give it a like and comment on the Giveaway thread with your favourite Holiday movie. Facebook
  2. Go to my twitter & do the same thing but only tweet the answer to me. Twitter

It’s as easy as that. The gift certificate is good until the end of 2017 and the contest ends at 8pm on Christmas Eve.

Best of luck to all who enter!

Spencer. img_9918

Stephanie and Ryan Maternity Shoot

This past Thanksgiving Sunday we were thankful to meet Stephanie and Ryan. They are awaiting the birth of their daughter and wanted to preserve some memories of the pregnancy through photos.

Here’s a small preview from this great day.


Mel and Daves Wedding

Yesterday I worked with Aries Horst Photography and captured Melissa and Daves big day in Alliston, Ontario at the Gibson Centre.

It was a stunning venue for a stunning couple. Aside from a cold blast in the afternoon the day went ahead without an issue. Here are just a few of the images I captured from the day.

Thank you to Melissa and Dave and their families for having me there to assist capture their special day.



September has arrived and that usually means an increase in Aurora activity across Canada. We may not see it like the previous years due to Solar Maximum being over and now we’re heading into a quiet time, but Coronal Holes will still give us a show.

That’s what is happening currently. A coronal hole is allowing a fast stream of solar winds to affect our atmosphere and creating storm conditions for the Aurora, which i photographed last night here in Tillsonburg, as seen below. We have been under a G1 watch since early this week and last night were upgraded to G2 (Moderate)

So how do we know these events are taking place? Well there’s a few options available to us.


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What do you look for? There’s a few things to look for when looking for the Aurora in Ontario. I’ll simplify it to the main ingredients.

  1. KP : this is the index in which Aurora is rated, for instance currently it’s KP5 which is on the threshold of Minor and Moderate storming.  In Ontario and anywhere the higher the number the better. 3-4 You will likely get a halo in Northern Ontario, 4-6 Halos and Pillars are likely especially during a substorm (A sudden pulse of energy which creates the pillars that dance across the sky) this is more likely to be seen down towards the 401. 6+ All of Ontario is in for a show. Last night we hit 6 which extends the viewing line down to Lake Erie.
  2. BZ : It’s a unit to measure the magnetic field, there’s + and – readings possible, in Aurora we want the negative readings, this allows the activity to surge and pulse further south, when it’s positive it’s likely to only stay near the poles.
  3. Solar Winds : Think of normal winds on Earth and multiply them by a-lot. This is what carries the energy to us, the faster the winds the better show we will witness, that’s not always the case though, for the most part it is for us.
  4. Hemispheric Power: This one you have to click the Aurora Oval to find, it’s located in the top right of the model. Again the higher the number the better, but it also helps you read substorms. It will flux and if you watch it and see it start to surge upwards you know you will most likely be able to catch pillars soon.

Two photos below show you where to find this information.


To see the Aurora, get outside of any light pollution to your North. Allow your eyes to adjust to the sky for a few minutes and than look for a glow along the horizon, it will stick out more than the usual lights at night time. That glow is the Green Halo seen on various photographs, looks dull white right? That’s what we get down in this area, our eyes don’t pick up the color like a camera does.  During a substorm watch for shimmering pillars above that green, they will dance across the sky like a spotlight, strobing up into the sky.

How to photograph them?
you want a camera capable of long exposures. Put your camera on a tripod and make sure you’re in focus for the night sky, most lenses have a infinity marker on them if not the easiest option is to go in live view and zoom in on a star or distant light source and focus.

Make sure your aperture is at your lenses highest possibility. For me shooting with the 24-70 2.8 that reading is 2.8

ISO : I tend to like to stick between 800-1600, but have used 2400-3200 at times, it’s all dependent on your camera, obviously the higher you go the more noise will be in your final image. If you have lower aperture readings than you need to adjust your ISO to compensate otherwise your Aurora will be dark in photos, and in post processing night images it’s harder to correct the exposure to make it brighter because you will be making the image more grainy.

These are just the basics of Aurora, there’s CME’s, Coronal Holes, yadda yadda yadda, but this information will help you determine when the next show may be.

I’m still determining the probabilities for tonight, I do believe the show may soon die off, currently the KP is 4, BZ is – .7, Hemispheric Power is 31, Solar Winds 627. Which does support Aurora probably Stratford area and North.

I will be updating later on Twitter, thanks for the read everyone and happy shooting!


Model Opportunity

Seeking TFP Models, Female 25-30 Age Range. Must include a photo through a private message.

For those who don’t know TFP is a trade off, I will give the model images from the session edited and give the model licencing rights in exchange for their time as a model.

There’s no cost just a simple exchange to help build both of our portfolios.

I am open to shooting at anytime on any day, so it’s what’s best for the model.

Location is dependent on model, I will choose a spot based on your hometown.

I am looking for 3 models, specifically someone I haven’t worked with in the past to expand my portfolio.

Thanks for anyone interested! For more details please send me a private message.



Back to School Session

Are you tired of that same dull Blue/Red/Grey backdrop portrait you are offered for ridiculous prices year after year from your local school?

Than why not try a alternative, a local photographer? This year we are offering back to school portrait sessions booking right now.

I can be reached via email at or by the phone number listed on the advertisement.



VanDenNeucker/ Verboom Maternity & Newborn

We met with Holly, Jason, Jax and newborn Kaid in the past few months to do some Maternity and Newborn shots for Kaid.

These photos were done in Port Rowan, Ontario. The photos of Kaid came after the maternity session, it is just easier to put them both together now, as I finally get time to update the blog.